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School of Embroidery

Embroidery is considered a chore in a housewives’ life by most people. It is regarded to be uninteresting and a sheer waste of time by many. But we at Sameeksha can vouch for the fact that once you learn more about it, you will discover how fascinating and interesting this art is!!Embroidery dates back to 5th-3rd Century BC. The process used to tailor, patch, mend and reinforce cloth fostered the development of sewing techniques, and the decorative possibilities of sewing led to the art of embroidery. There has been mention and traces of embroidery from the reign of Akbar. Also in the medieval Islamic world, embroidery was called ‘the art if two hands’ and was considered an art of high social status which made it very popular.Due to industrial revolution, machine embroidery came into existence in the 18th and 19th Centuries which saw the decline of the Hand Embroidery and its beauty died as well!Sameeksha setup the School of Embroidery to re-invent the beautiful art and popularise again the intricate and delicate styles of hand embroidery. We at Sameeksha encourage people all over to come and learn the art and experience the fascinating world of Hand Embroidery and its benefits!!We have no bar on age, background, nationality; ALL ARE WELCOME! The only qualities we ask for are an open mind to learn and loads of enthusiasm! So come, learn a new art and popularize embroidery!

We conduct classes in the following types of Hand Embroidery:
For each course:
  • Course materials will be provided.
  • 6 sessions for each course which also includes a project.
  • Class timings - 10:30AM to 12:30PM - Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat.
  • Fees ranges from Rs.2500/- to Rs.3,500/- for each type of embroidery/craft.
  • Kindly visit the school to decide the course you would like to enrol.