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Child Embroidery

Six Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Child Embroidery:
  • Concentration
  • Creative Thinking
  • Eye-Hand Co-Ordination
  • Patience
  • Perserverance
  • Problem Solving

Yes. According to leading child psychologists, "hands on" activities such as embroidery stimulate creativity and help develop patience, perseverance and problem solving skills in young children.

While you teach your child how to embroider, here are a few things to keeep in mind:
  • Be Enthusiatic-they sense when you are having fun and that makes it more fun for them.
  • If possible, get the child involved in selecting the project.They are more likely to enjoy the process if given some input.
  • Start with an easy project that can be completed in under an hour and half.Also, Stress that the finished project does not have to look perfect.Just finishing it is worthy of praise for the child.
  • Encourage your child to recreate the project again.Repeating the process over again a few times builds confidence in her skills and gets her excited about moving onto more challenging projects.
  • Take the time to show proper use or how to hold scissors, needles or cutting tools

You may think teaching your child embroidery is not worth your time but understand that you who loves embroidery started out doing it as a young person.You most likely learned from a close relative who passed on her entusiasam for the art to you.Now it is your turn to pass taht on...

-Give Your Child A Chance To Grow