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about Sameeksha

Sameeksha was founded by Sujaya Mahesh to revive the dying art of Hand Embroidery. Sameeksha School of Embroidery was established to impart the skill. Sameeksha sells unique hand embroidered products through the Boutique.

Sujaya Mahesh is a former Professor in Home Science, where she accumulated the experience of both teaching and formulating the course content with her extensive research.

She is very passionate about Kasuti- which is an Embroidery form of Karnataka origin, dating back to the 7th century BC. "Kasuti" has not been recognised and marketed as much when compared to other types of Indian hand embroideries in her opinion.

Mrs Mahesh had a stint in Hubli - a small city in Karnataka, India where Kasuti originates. After putting a few skilled women to test, she started her small workshop to make designer garments and various other products. Sujaya started organising Exhibitions in Bangalore and Chennai, to popularise Kasuti and make people aware of the beauty of the art.

The response to these exhibitions were overwhelming which led to her setting up an exclusive premises for Sameeksha School of Embroidery and Boutique once she returned to Bangalore.

Today Sameeksha is a well-known brand all over India and people associate Embroidery with Sameeksha.

The School has students ranging from young girls to grand mums with different goals and objectives.

The Boutique has a steady and growing clientele, who are extremely happy with the services as they have the pride of possessing a Hand Embroidered product which is one of its kind!!

Customers are always confident that Sujaya will be able to deliver the quality and precision to the products they require. As they have the pride of possessing a Hand Embroidered product which is one of its kind!!